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Schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Follow us on Twitter @KillarneyCC for current up-to-date information on class cancellations. Step Classes: limited steps available, come early to ensure a spot.

Aerobic Fees

Fees Adult Youth Senior
Drop-in $4.57 $3.45 $3.45
11 visit card $45.46 $31.81 $31.81
1 month pass $41.04 $28.66 $28.66
3 month pass $104.34 $73.10 $73.10
6 month pass $196.72 $137.46 $137.46
12 month pass $343.60 $235.57 $235.57

To reduce class interruption:

  • Please arrive on time to ensure proper warm-up.
  • Please keep cell phones on vibrate or low ring.
  • Please refrain from answering calls while in class is in progress; if necessary please go out to the hallway.


Dance Workout

moderate to advance.

Infused with the spirit of dance fitness alive at Killarney, dance workout is a total body workout experience that is fun for everyone! The beats include a variety of new music as well as classic tunes from a range of musical genres and the grooves are inspired by
the jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, latin, and theatrical dance worlds. Choreography is varied and easy to follow. Class nishes with some awesome strength training and a relaxing stretch.

Strong by Zumba

Moderate to advance.

This new powered by Zumba program revolutionizes Zumba workouts, combining strong, upbeat rhythms with powerful, high-intensity cardio and strength conditioning moves to ratchet your fitness potential up a notch. Join the party, discover the athlete within you, feel the force and get fit!

Step n Strength

Moderate to advanced class.

This class consists of cardio work on the step, followed by strength training and a cool down.


All levels welcome.

Get a full body workout including cardio, strength training, core conditioning and stretching in this fun and dynamic class. The class also includes 10 minutes of abs and a 5 to 10 minutes stretch.


Moderate to advanced step class.

Class will incorporate strength training such as weights and bands with a focus on core.


Mild to moderate class.

This class offers basic, easy to follow step choreography. Beginners welcome!

PIYO (Pilates + Yoga + non stop movement)

PiYo® LIVE combines the muscle-sculpting, core- firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and exibility of owing yoga movements.You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves to define every single muscle.

Zumba and Core

Moderate to advanced class.

This class offers a combination of Zumba and strength training with weights.


Mild to moderate class.

A Latin inspired dance-fitness class. It combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind.

Zumba +

All levels welcome.

Burn calories by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves, a real Latin and world dance fitness party. Zumba+ also incorporates the last 30 minutes with interval training giving more intensity, strength, and challenging progression to your workout, using only your body weight.

Cardio Care

Moderate to advanced class.

This class offers a mix of step aerobics and dry land aerobics. Class will end with strength training. Class format will alternate with instructor.