Karate for Teens- Youth Level 1 & 2

Self-defence and physical conditioning are emphasized in this contact oriented style of Karate. Please visit www. ghtingart.ca to nd out more about our club. Uniform, punching gloves and shin/instep guards are required. If you are new to our karate class, look for the Beginner class in the Children’s section. Please note that Participant Waiver forms must be lled out before the program starts. Forms are available from the instructor. *Must have attended at least

Taekwondo Beginners Young Adult

A martial art that teaches techniques for defence and attack in addition
to guidance to the true path of life. Uniform must be purchased at cost of $50-$60 plus GST.


A fun, non-competitive practice that promotes health & well being. We practice with others to learn ow & how to stay relaxed under pressure. This helps build con dence & reduce stress in daily life. Suitable for all levels of tness. Ages 14+. Women encouraged to participate. www. canadiankifederation.org.

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