Pole Walking Advanced

Join us for 1 1/2hr of brisk, 5-7kms of pole walking once a week around the neighbourhood. Pole walking is a total work-out to gradually build arms, legs and core muscles. Walk is followed by a 15min stretch. Bring your poles or rent a set. Walk for health, chat and have fun while walking. ParQ+, waivers and emergency contact information is mandatory for all polers. Meet you in the lobby of KCC. Space Permitting –

Pole Rental fees: $0.95
$12/pole rental/season

Jul 5-Aug 30 F
9:30AM-11:15AM | 227204

Minds in Motion Chinese

In partnership with the Alzheimer Society of BC, this program offers a fitness class and social program for people experiencing early stages of memory loss who may attend with a friend, family member or caregiver. A certified fitness instructor conducts the fitness portion of the program; for the second part, a facilitator ensures participants are welcomed and assists with social interaction and involvement in activities, guided by the needs and interests of the participants.

Seniors MPR 151/152
Jul 5-Aug 30 F | 1:30PM-3:30PM
$55.71/9 classes | 225924

Seniors’ Strength and Stretch

Developing and maintaining muscle strength and joint health is key for older adults. For those who want to improve their functional strength and stability, this chair-based strength program is designed to improve muscular strength, bone density, posture, range of motion, and flexibility.

Space Permitting: Drop-in Fees: $8.57
CC Room 205 | Bonnie McCoy

Set 1
Jul 2-Jul 30 Tu | 12:45PM-1:45PM
$32.25/5 classes | 227251

Set 2
Aug 6-Aug 27 Tu | 12:45PM-1:45PM
$25.8/4 classes | 227254

FAB Fitness for ALL

FAB Fitness for All 55yrs+ provides a variety of fitness class styles specifically geared towards getting older men and women to become active and participate in sport programming. Join this sampler program that indulges participants into finding their very own favourite fitness activities while engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Space Permitting – Drop-in Fee: $3.81

Seniors MPR 251/252
Bonnie McCoy

Aug 1-Aug 29 Th | 1:30PM-2:30PM
$15.50/5 classes | 227252

Balance & Stability Fitness

For those who have balance, stability or mobility challenges, this progressive exercise class includes balance assessments, gait-precision skills & activities, static & dynamic balance training, strengthening and postural restructuring exercises. It is designed to improve balance, stability, strength, and mobility.“Stay on Your Feet” (Vancouver Coastal Health) will be provided to all participants during the first class.

No drop-ins permitted.

Seniors MPR 251/252 | Bonnie McCoy

Jul 4-Jul 25 Th | 1:30PM-2:30PM
$14.00/4 classes | 227446

Balance Challenge

This advanced level balance and stability workshop includes use of balance & gliding discs, obstacle courses with memory challenges, sequenced balance patterns, core strength, gait precision and postural awareness. Barefeet or athletic footwear may be worn during class. Participants must have completed a previous Balance and Stability fitness class or have the instructor’s permission prior to attending.

Seniors MPR 251/252 | Bonnie McCoy

Aug 6-Aug 27 Tu | 2:00PM-3:00PM
$22.67/4 classes | 227465

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