Killarney CC Seniors’ Association

The Killarney Community Centre Seniors’ Association (KCSA) is a registered nonprofit association. Its purpose is to develop, promote and provide programs, activities, services and special community events for older adults at Killarney Community Centre. Anyone who is 55yrs+ and registered into a program is a member of the Seniors Association. Some of our programs permit people less than 55yrs to join; however they cannot sign up until 2 weeks prior to the start date.

The Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30am. Anyone who is a KCCSA member is welcome to attend as a guest.

Luk Tung Kuen Association

Luk Tung Kuen is a set of health exercises which consist of 36 forms. Our group is dedicated to healthy lifestyles through physical fitness & social activities. No sessions Apr 19, Apr 22 & May 4

Full Gym
Apr 1-Jun 28 M-F | 6:30AM-8:45AM | 204789
Apr 6-Jun 30 Sa Su | 8:00AM-8:45PM | 204789

Senior Ballroom Dance Group

Our group aims to improve dance skills for seniors while emphasizing health and social well-being. No sessions Apr 19 & 22

CC Room 205
Apr 1-Jun 28 M-F | 6:30AM-8:45AM | 204790
Apr 6-Jun 30 Sa Su | 800AM-8:45PM | 204790

Chinese Seniors Group 奇蘭尼華人耆英會

The goal of our group is to enrich Chinese Seniors’ lifestyles through social activities, community integration and understanding. Meetings are conducted in Cantonese.

Seniors | MPR 151/152 | Apr 4-Jun 27 Th | 9:15AM-11:15AM | 204791

Seniors Social Bridge

Come out and enjoy a fun afternoon of Bridge. Tea and treats are sometimes provided. Prior knowledge of Bridge is required.

CC Room 203 | Apr 4-Jun 27 Th | 1:00PM-4:00PM | 212437

Happy Gang Bingo

Meet new friends and have some fun! Players pay for cards by donation. Bring your own snack for the break. BC Gaming License #92784. Know your limit & play within it! REGISTRATION is required for this FREE program.

Seniors | MPR 151/152 | Apr 2-Jun 25 Tu | 1:00PM-3:30PM | 205037

Evergreen Tai Chi

This is a self-led Tai Chi Club practicing Tai Chi exercise to improve health for the Seniors. No instructor will be provided. Previous experience is preferred. Space is limited to 18 participants each day.

CC Room | 203 Master Chen
Apr 4-Jun 27 Th | 6:30AM-8:45AM | $14.29/1 class per week/per season | 204787
Apr 2-Jun 25 Tu | 6:30AM-8:45AM | $14.29/1 class per week/per season | 204788

Killarney Senior Tai Chi Group

Our group practices traditional Chinese Internal Martial Art to improve the health and well-being for the senior citizens. Our goal is to help the senior citizens to maintain strength, flexibility, balance and stability. We also create social interaction between the members. Space is limited to 18 participants each day. No session Apr 19.

CC Room | 203 Art Lum
Apr 1-Jun 24 M | 6:30AM-8:45AM | $14.29/1 class per week/per season | 205039
Apr 3-Jun 26 W | 6:30AM-8:45AM | $14.29/1 class per week/per season | 205040
Apr 5-Jun 28 F | 6:30AM-8:45AM | $14.29/1 class per week/per season | 205330

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