Kismat Bhangra (5-8 yrs)

Bhangra is an excellent way for kids and teens to learn movement, rhythm, dance and culture. This class gives students an opportunity to participate in a fun and exciting learning environment that not only helps with their exercise and physical activity, but also contributes to an enriching cultural experience, regardless of their background. Children can embody the true art form of Bhangra through a fusion of music and self-expression that will lead to high spirits and continual involvement in a growing community. No experience necessary. There will be a recital at the end of class.

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Jump into music

This one-of-a-kind music and movement program engages, educates, and entertains parent and child while on a musical journey through different styles and cultures. Curriculum is designed to stimulate the whole brain and body via singing, dancing, drumming, parachuting, improvising, exploring instruments, jumping and playing. A family fun environment exploring world culture and music. Check out our website at

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Parent and tot dance

Come explore rhythm, songs and structured play in this Parent & Tot interactive movement class. More info:

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This class is for children who have taken pre-ballet or an introduction to ballet. Children will learn basic ballet exercises and positions and will develop coordination, musicality, creativity and movement while having fun! A showing will be held last day of class. Please wear a ballet suit and ballet slippers.

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Pre Ballet Level 1 (4-7yrs)

In order to keep Killarney’s pricing low we separate some of our seasonal programs into 2 sets. Leisure Access Discount patrons are eligible to receive the 50% discount on both sets. (Excluding pool & rink programs) This class is an introduction to ballet. Children will learn basic ballet exercises and positions and will also develop their coordination, musicality and movement while having fun! Please wear a body suit and ballet slippers.

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My First Dance Class (2-4yrs)

An introduction to creative dance. Aspiring little dancers will use songs, movement exploration and games to explore coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness and cooperation. This class is for the youngest of dancers to experience a playful class with the support of their parents being present. Parent participation is required.

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Ballet through creative movement

An introduction to the foundations of ballet through creative dance. Aspiring dancers will explore coordination,rhythm, spatial awareness, and cooperation. Classes will include songs, movement exploration, basic ballet steps, games, and a variety of fun music. More info:

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Hip hop breakers

This non-stop action-packed class includes hip hop, basic breakdancing, and dance games that will have your dancer moving to the beats. More info:

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Rhythmic Dance

Combine the grace of ballet and the strength of artistic gymnastics with the challenging manipulation of colourful hand apparatus while moving to various musical accompaniments. The hand apparatus includes ropes, hoops, balls and of course, ribbons. This is a wonderful sport to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, exibility and rhythm. Note: All children develop at their own pace, and since this class is without parent participation, you or the instructor may nd your child is not yet ready. However, when they are ready, the class will give your child the opportunity to work independently and build self esteem.

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