Bricks 4 Kidz – Interesting Inventions 4 to 7 years

So many things we use each day are someone’s invention! Join us to find out the origins of things like hand mixers, windshield wipers, and conveyor belts. Students will discuss the difference between an invention and a discovery, learn how inventions solve problems and find out how inventors get their ideas patented. Each model is motorized for maximum movement and fascination! All participants will go home with a custom made Mini figure.

Jr Math Monster 4 to 5 years

Let’s play with numbers and learn basic math skills. We will count, learn about size and shape, learn to recognize and write numbers 1-20, make number sets, measure, make patterns and do some simple addition, subtraction and problem solving. Hands on activities and worksheets will be given to help keep our math skills sharp!

This class is designed for those currently in kindergarten.

Jr Spelling Bees 4 to 5 years

Join in the fun when we scramble letters and make simple words. We will read, print and spell grade appropriate sight words. Hands on activities, worksheets, phonics and simple books will be explored in each class.

This class is designed for those currently in kindergarten.

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