Private Piano/Clarinet (6 years +) Get a strong background in music and gain the benefits of learning an instrument. Janine provides 30 minute lessons from beginners to advanced levels (45 min./1 hr. lessons for advanced students available with instructor’s permission). Conservatory exam preparation is also available. Clarinet players, please bring an instrument and reeds. See…

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Dance & Movement

Hip Hop (6-10yrs) The latest music and moves to hip hop sounds, fun and energetic! Children will learn choreography and will incorporate their own moves as well. A show will be held last day of class. See schedule and register

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Creative Arts

Character Design (5-12yrs) Learn from a former Disney animator in this specialized class that focuses on creating appealing characters in animation, comics, games and more. This program is instructed by Happy Kids Studios. See schedule and register Cartoon with Disney Animator (5-12yrs) Learn how to tell stories through drawings with a former Disney animator. Work…

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Axe Capoeira Kids Beginner (7-13yrs) These are ongoing classes where anyone can join, no previous experience necessary. It covers all aspects of Capoeira; martial-arts, dance, music, acrobatics, culture, language and more. It focuses on developing the students rhythm, re exes, balance, co-ordination and increasing strength and flexibility as they learn. See schedules and register Badminton…

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Mandokids (6-12yrs) NEW! An interactive Chinese Learning program. This class o ers a broad range of excellent Chinese learning programs that will not only develop their talents and academic prowess, but also maintain their traditional strengths. On the last day of class, program is moved to room 211. More info. See schedules and register…

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Martial Arts

Please note:  Participant Waiver form must be filled out before the program starts. Forms are available from the instructor Traditional Kung Fu – Beginner (6-19yrs) 北少林功夫班 – 龍志光師傅授敎 Sifu Marquis Lung and Instructor Timothy Peng will teach you Northern Shaolin traditional forms, weapon forms, sparring and self-defence. It will help you gain physical and mental…

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