This class combines the elements of strength, stamina, balance, and mental clarity from yoga, with the core stabilizing and posture enhancing elements of Pilates. The first part of the class will focus on breath, mind- body awareness, and correcting body alignment. Then progress to postures which warm up the body, improve strength, and core stabilization. The class will end with a focus on flexibility and incorporate gentle stretching and relaxation.

Morning Flow Yoga

This class is a great way to get yourself moving in the morning! Building on the classic sun salutation sequence, this practice will get the body warm and the mind focused enabling a more productive and fulfilling day. Each class will end with a short guided meditation.

Power Flow Yoga

This class uses strong and dynamic yoga sequences that will get your heart pumping, challenge your core, build strength and endurance, while toning the muscles of the body. Be prepared to work hard and sweat.

Super Sunday Zumba and Yoga Combo

Energize your Sunday mornings with our NEW Zumba/Yoga Combo class. This class incorporates Zumba dance followed by maintaining your body/ mind/soul connection with Yoga. Chair Yoga is available if you have pain on your joints.

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