Spring Break Day Camp Introduction 

Spring Break 2021 will be unlike any other. Due to COVID-19 the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Provincial Health Office and Vancouver Coastal Health have provided guidance in providing a safe camp. This Information Package reviews all practices to ensure campers and staff remain safe while providing a vital service to community members. The camp will run entirely indoors with adequate space reserved for safe physical distancing.

What’s so special for this holiday?

  • We still get to have fun, be safe, and play, but 100% physically distanced indoors!
  • Fewer campers each week. Campers are divided into smaller groups of 7. Every pod consists of 1 leader and 7 campers. The campers in each pod remain the same for the week.
  • We won’t give high fives or hugs. We’ll give smiles instead. Maybe we can invent a special cheer together?
  • Instead of tag we will play Go-Go-Stop!
  • Parents/Caregivers are asked to drop-off campers at specific time and place.
  • Everyone coming to camp need to make sure they are healthy. Anyone who is feeling sick needs to stay at home so they don’t get others sick. Parents/caregivers are required to be onsite at drop-off to complete a health assessment for the campers. See pages 4-6 for more details.
  • Every camper will have their own storage bin to use for the week.
  • Every camper will have their own set of supplies to use for the week.
  • We will wash our hands a lot. Especially before eating and using any equipment.
  • Sports and other play equipment are cleaned frequently throughout the day. Used equipment will be placed in a dirty bin and disinfected before it can be used by another camper.
  • Washrooms are cleaned throughout the day and camp staff will ensure washrooms are ready for camper to use. See page 9 for more details on cleaning.
  • We will not be going on any out trips for this camp.
  • We will also arrange for fun experiences and guests during the week!
  • We will be physically distancing ourselves from others during all activities, snack and lunch breaks.
  • We are committed to make sure day camps are safe and fun for everyone.

Remember to Be kind. Be calm. Be safe. And have fun!

Parent Information Package

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