Food Literacy, Learning & Volunteering

Killarney CC is working on developing a Food Initiative and a weekly seniors lunch program. If you would like to be a part of the initiative or volunteer in the Seniors Centre kitchen, please register for this orientation and safety workshop.

Seniors MPR 153 | Apr 3 W | 11:00AM-12:30PM | 216754

Cooking Workshops

These workshops are a based on a cultural sharing program. Join local residents turned chefs to learn about diversity through the sharing of food, cooking, and conversation. Participants will be making and eating what they make. This is not a meal-based program.

Seniors Kitchen/153

  • Indian Butter Chicken & Rice | Manjit Dhaliwal | Apr 15 M | 6:00PM-8:00PM | $14.29/person | 216753
  • Chinese Food Basics – Seasonings, Sauces & Herbs | Billy Yeung | May 4 Sa | 10:00AM-12:00PM | $14.29/person |  216788
  • Asian/Peruvian – Lomo Saltado Stir fry | Kevin Pereira | Jun 9 Su | 10:00AM-12:00PM | $14.29/person | 217133

Veggie Gardening 101

Always wanted to learn how to grow your food but don’t know where to start? Have you tried but been met with frustration? This beginners-level gardening workshop will go over all the basics you need to know to start growing your own vegetables: Soil health basics, planting (from seed and transplanting), watering, fertility, harvesting, plant health, troubleshooting, and information about the most common vegetable plant families and what they need to thrive.

Seniors MPR 151 | Mik Turje | Apr 18 Th | 6:30PM-8:00PM | $14.29/1 class | 218355

Balcony, Container, and Small Space Gardening

Want to grow food, but don’t have much room? In this Village Vancouver workshop, instructor Rhiannon Johnson will cover the techniques and challenges specific to gardening in small spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We’ll look at soil, fertilizing organically, watering, types of containers, different sun orientations and, of course, what to grow in your space. We’ll have a community seed library present – pick up some free seeds for your garden, swap or donate seeds.

Seniors MPR 151 | Village Vancouver | Apr 30 Tu | 6:30PM-8:30PM | $14.29/1 class 217940

Fall & Winter Gardening

There are lots of delicious veggies and other edibles that can be grown for cool weather harvesting, and now’s the time to plan and plant your Fall, Winter, and overwintering crops! In this Village Vancouver workshop with Karen Ageson from Farmers on 57th, you’ll learn how, when, and what to plant for a bountiful late season and early 2020 harvest. We’ll have a community seed library present – pick up some free seeds for your garden, swap or donate seeds.

Seniors MPR 151 | Village Vancouver | Jun 3 M | 6:30PM-8:30PM | $14.29/1 class | 217945

Hearing Health Workshop & Screening

Covering topics on: What is Audiology? Causes of Hearing Loss; The anatomy and biology of hearing loss; Social and physical effects of hearing loss; Tinnitues; Which hearing aids are right for you? Following the workshop, free 15 minute appointments for hearing screening will take place.

Seniors MPR 151/152 | Nexgen Hearing | Apr 3 W | 1:00PM-2:00PM | 212387

Citizenship Information Session

The Citizenship Info Session will cover topics on how to prepare for citizenship application which include eligibility criteria, requirements and the process in applying for citizenship.

CC Room 202 | Mosaic | Apr 6 Sa | 10:00AM-12:00PM | 215727

Healthy Body Weight 101

How do I know if I am at a “healthy body weight” or not? How do I attain and maintain it? Learn about Body Mass Index (BMI), portion distortion, physical activity and “healthy eating” including understanding The Healthy Plate and changes to the Canada Food Guide.

Seniors Lounge 253 | Bonnie McCoy | Apr 11 Th | 2:45PM-4:00PM | $5/person | 212299

Reverse Mortgages 101

Are you 55 years old or older? Do you want to stop your monthly mortgage payments from now on? Do you want to live in your own home for as long as you want? A Reverse mortgage is used to take out money from the existing value of a homeowner’s occupied home. With more and more people wanting to stay in their own homes as long as possible, this is becoming a very popular financial tool instead of a typical mortgage. The product allows you the homeowner to take either a steady income or a lump sum of money out of the existing value in the home. It differs from a regular mortgage in that there are no payments. Instead the interest is added to the mortgage balance each month. You will never be asked to leave your home as long as you continue to live in it.

Seniors MPR 151 | Allan Seltzer | May 1 W | 7:00PM-8:00PM | 212320

Cancer Prevention 101

Can cancer be prevented with lifestyle modifications? Are drinking alcohol, eating processed meats, and leading an inactive lifestyle associated with developing cancer? Learn about recent scientific evidence supporting physical activity and nutritional guidelines in the prevention of several types of cancer.

Seniors MR 260 | Bonnie McCoy | May 2 Th | 2:45PM-4:00PM | $5/person | 212300

Norquay Neighbourhood Food Hub

Located at Norquay Park Fieldhouse Theme: Garden and Food

The food hub is a central gathering place for a thriving neighbourhood food system and food-based community activities, events, and celebrations. Participate, learn new skills, share old skills, laugh, and eat with neighbours, while you enjoy the simple wonders of good food and community. The food hub is a collaboration between Fresh Roots Urban Farm, Renfrew Collingwood Aboriginal Youth Canoe Club, Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute, and Vancouver Fruit Tree Project. This project is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board’s Field House Activation Program which provides project space and access to parks to foster community engaged activity that focuses: arts, culture, sport, environment, local food and social encounters. For more info on all 24 activations in parks go to https://vancouver. ca/parks-recreation-culture/fieldhouse-programs.aspx

Japanese Bookbinding

Make up to three books; each with a different historical four-hole stitch pattern. Whether these books hold poetry, pictures or personal thoughts; this historical bookbinding will showcase them beautifully. No prior experience is necessary. All tools and supplies are provided.

Seniors MR 260 | Suzan Lee | May 11 Sa | 1:00PM-3:00PM | $47.92/session | 198548

Advocacy for Seniors

Whether you are advocating for yourself or someone else, important skills, strategies and practical suggestions are presented. Free but please pre-register.

Seniors MPR 151/152 | COSCO Seniors Health and Wellness Institute | Jun 12 W | 1:00PM-2:00PM | 216800

Watercolour Workshops with Frank Townsley

Opabin Plateau –  This workshop depicts an Autumn scene in the Opabin Plateau above the Lake O’Hara basin in Yoho National Park. Photos, enlargements for tracing purposes will be provided, including supplies for those not wishing to use their own.

Pool MPR | May 4 Sa | 8:45AM-3:45PM | $45/1 class | 207150

Schooner Cove  – This workshop depicts a beautiful beach scene in Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. Photos, enlargements for tracing purposes will be provided, including supplies for those not wishing to use their own.

Pool MPR | Jun 8 Sa | 8:45AM-3:45PM | $45/1 class | 207151

Chronic Pain Self Management Program in English

The Chronic Pain Self Management Program is a free six session workshop. The workshop helps people living with chronic pain and their caregivers to better manage symptoms and activities of daily life. Participants receive the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain companion book and the Moving Easy CD. Participants should attend all six sessions to get the maximum benefit. The CPSMP is offered by the University of Victoria with resources from the BC Ministry of Health.

Seniors MR 260 | Institute on Aging & Long Life | Apr 2-May 7 Tu | 9:30AM-12:00PM | 196013

Chronic Condition Self Management in Cantonese

Participants of this six-session program will gain systematic knowledge and practical skills on how to effectively manage your health and optimize your life style. With the support of your group, you will learn and constantly practice setting goals, taking actions and solving problems to benefit your quality of life. Caregivers are welcome. Registrants are required to take 5-6 sessions. 培養慢性疾病/健康自我管理的 能力” 免費系列課程 (粵語) 該課程(分為六講)由斯坦福大 學創編,旨在幫助您系統全面地 學習並掌握簡單易行的實用方 法,來改善生活方式和有效維護 健康。講授結合小組成員的互動 交流,幫助您確立可行的目標, 採取具體行動和解決實際問題, 增加防病治病和管理好自己健康 的能力與信心。歡迎家人共同參 加。免費講座,但需要預先報 名,並確認出席5-6講。 小組上限12人,額滿後請等候參 加下一期的課程。

Seniors MPR 151 | Institute on Aging & Long Life | Apr 6-May 11 Sa | 9:30AM-12:00PM  | 212582