Killarney Community Centre, Pool & Rink is jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Killarney Community Centre Society. To find out more about the joint operating agreement (JOA), please visit the Vancouver Park Board’s JOA Task Force.

Who is involved in operating our facilities?

Board of Directors

The Killarney Community Centre Society (KCCS) is a body of volunteers from the community that are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. These volunteers help set policies and usage of the facilities at Killarney and also fund programs, special events, equipment & capital projects. The board of directors work in conjuction with Recreation staff to provide programs and services to the community.

Recreation Supervisor

The Recreation Supervisor ensures the safe and efficient overall operation of the facility. He also acts as the main liason between the KCCS and the Vancouver Park Board. He provides operational and structural decisions to the rest of the recreation staff and also is involved in city-wide initiatives.

Programming Staff

The programming staff at Killarney Recreation Centre plan, budget, supervise and keep records of the various programs and services offered at the centre. Programming staff work individually and collaboratively as team to offer a variety of programs to meet the recreational and leisure needs of ALL community members.

Front-line Staff

Front-line staff are the people you see and deal with the most at the centre. They are the lifeguards, ice rink attendants, cashiers, youth workers, fitness centre attendants and program assistants that are here to offer customer service and ensure the safety of the patrons enjoying their leisure activities at the centre.

Maintenance Staff

Like any other facility, Killarney Community Centre requires on-going maintenance to operate. The Centre’s Maintenance Technician and his staff are responsible for the Rink’s refrigeration system, the Pool’s water sanitation process and for ensuring that the entire building is heated and cleaned.

Program Instructors

Program instructors are the people who lead and implement the various programs that are offered at Killarney Recreation Centre. They guide our patrons through their recreational activities and provide health-promoting, educational, fun opportunities for our community members.


Volunteers are always an essential component of the operation of any non-profit organization. The KCCS is composed completely of volunteers from the community at large. Volunteers also assist instructors in many of our programs and services.